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Site-Wide Benefits

Multi-Wallet Support:

The premium feature enables usage of multiple wallets across the various ADFK Apps.

Hero Data, Pet Data, and Market Data for example are all boosted with the add-on to help you track your assets no matter what wallet they're in!

Hero Data

Box and Whisker Plots (WIKI):

This premium add-on enables plots that depict a hero's stats compared to the population of alive heroes with the same class and at the same level.

Consider this the top way to measure ADFK’s favorite representation of hero power for in-game STAT points!

Hero Matching

This premium feature allows you to find the ideal summoning or dark summoning pair defined by you!

Enter the ID of a hero you have and the match parameters that you want and the app tool does the rest.

Taking it a step further, this matching tool allows you to view heroes for sale, for rental, or in existence.

This is a go-to tool for finding the perfect summoning pair match that maximizes mutations.

Tavern Data

This premium feature allows you to receive instant alerts at your fingertips through E-mail or Discord when that ideal hero gets listed!

Create custom alerts on visuals, genetics, price, or stats. With the flexibility to alert based on price and summons, this alert tool can serve players who are looking to beat the market trends by hero flipping on the tavern.

Or if you are a player looking for heroes with combat prowess you can filter by stats, PJ survivor status, or heroes summoned with greater stones!

All together this incredible feature will alert you to the alpha heroes before anyone else.

Tavern Alerts

An active subscription is required to create, edit, and receive Tavern Alerts. Alerts can be either e-mail or Discord DMs from the ADFK Discord Bot.

Tavern Alerts give DFK players a means to not have to continually watch the Tavern in-game for heroes.

Market Data

DFK Items:

A subscription enhances the DFK Items page by providing Bazaar buy and sell price comparisons in addition to the basic Trader and Vendor Data.

Recipe Pages:

The Alchemy, Carving, and Pet Recipe pages feature premium add-ons to display the overall cost to create these items given the current prices of their consituent parts.

Additionally, the Pet Recipe that displays with an active subscription will be the cheapest way combination of items to save you some hard earned Bloaters!

Liquidity Pool:

This premium Market Data feature accumulates a lot of LP data showing subscribers which pools are currently returning the most profit in fees.

Sorting the Pools table easily shows you which pools are hot and which are not!

Pet Data

Pet Sale Alerts:

This premium add-on enables the creation of pet alerts very similar to what the tavern alerts provide for heroes.

Stop checking the Hatcher 20 times a day and just keep an eye out for those E-mail or Discord alerts instead!

ADFK Sidekick

Sidekick is an application (for Windows or Raspberry Pi 3/4/5) that automates hero questing, leveling, tavern sales, and summoning with the heroes from your main wallet registed at ADFK.

It requires a separate and independent Sidekick subscription with USDC.

Sidekick can be super charged by also maintaining an active ADFK subscription, which enables multi-wallet support, to unlock unlimited heroes across unlimited wallets!

Guild Management

Looking for a better way to find summoning matches with people you know and trade with on a regular basis?

The guild hall acts as a wallet registry for your guild allowing you to amplify other site features by searching within the parameters of guild wallets.

This will save you and your guild-mates time and energy and allow you to maximize guild resources.