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Story Mode

Story mode is a narrative-driven experience following the path of your favorite hero through the lands of DefiKingdoms.

In this adventure players embark on a structured journey through a carefully crafted storyline.

This mode prioritizes storytelling, character development, immersion, and learning more about your favorite non-playable characters.

The difficulty of this mode is balanced to the level of the heroes you bring into battle. New chapters and seasons will be added in the future.

Player versus Environment

PvE mode is a gaming experience where players create teams to speed run dungeons and go for the highest score.

Placers are asked to tackle challenges posed by the game's environment and automated opponents.

In PvE, the focus is on overcoming scripted obstacles and achieving your place on the leaderboard.

PvE challenges will rotate on a periodic basis to create fresh and fun new gameplay making it an excellent choice for your next adventure.

Player versus Player

PvP combat is an exhilarating arena where players face off against each other in intense battles.

PvP offers a dynamic and competitive environment where using the rock, paper, scissors combat system to create intense mind games.

It's an adventure where players can showcase their team construction and their battle skills in a thrilling clash of wits.

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