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Crystalvale Gold Raffle

Every 100 gold deposited is worth 1 entry in the raffle. When the raffle ends, a winner will be drawn from the entries.

The winner will be awarded 50% of the Gold Pot, 25% will be burned, and 25% will be used to seed the next raffle.

In addition to the Gold Pot, Items, Heroes, and Pets could be up for grabs as well. Check out the details below.

Raffles end on Wednesdays at 8PM CST if the Gold Pot is at least 1 million gold. Otherwise they extend another week. Good Luck!

Gold Pot: 352,673

176,336 to winner, 88,168 burned, 88,168 seed to next raffle


Total Entries: 0

Your Entries: 0

Odds to win: 0.0 %

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CV Gold Total Supply: 5,149,275,915

CV Net Gold Minted per Hour: 1,246,134

Raffle Gold Burned: 3,996,579

Largest Raffle Pot: 2,554,932

Raffle History

Other Ways to Win

Every entry matters because Entrants may also win Items and Heroes donated to the Gold Raffle Address!

After the Gold winner is drawn, winners for the full balance of each Item will be drawn next.

Last but not least, a winner is drawn for each Hero and Pet that has been donated to the raffle.

Each entry can only win one time, but an Entrant may win multiple times.

Click the button below to see what else you could win by participating in this raffle.

If you'd like to donate, simply send Items, Heroes, or Pets to the Gold Raffle Address on DFK Chain.

DFK Chain Deposit Address for Gold Raffle is 0x1Df578886edd0794cC2617cD1ecD8107241cb71B.

This is intentionally different from the deposit address for ADFK Subscription time!